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James A. Rhodes State College

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Mr Jesse Wallace
Title: Chair, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology
Office Address: JJC 120
Office Telephone: 419-995-8356
Email: wallace.j@rhodesstate.edu

Mr Adam Wehrman
Title: Instructor, Agriculture Technology, Health Sciences and Public Service
Office Address: JJC 179N
Office Telephone: 419-995-8427
Email: wehrman.a@rhodesstate.edu

Mr Chad Welker
Title: Security Officer, Safety & Security
Office Address: CK 105
Office Telephone: 567-242-7340
Email: welker.c@rhodesstate.edu

Mr William Wells
Title: Tutor
Email: Wells.W@rhodesstate.edu

Ms Beth White
Title: Associate Professor, Respiratory Therapy, Health Sciences and Public Service
Office Address: CK 232B
Office Telephone: 419-995-8198
Email: white.b@rhodesstate.edu

Ms Laurin Wolf
Title: Assistant Professor, Humanities, Technology and Liberal Studies
Office Address: TL 145B
Office Telephone: 419-995-8810
Email: wolf.l@rhodesstate.edu

Ms Nancy Wonderly
Title: Systems Support Analyst, Information Technology Support
Office Address: KH 227
Office Telephone: 567-242-5996
Email: wonderly.n@rhodesstate.edu

Dr Cathy Woodward
Title: Records Retention Program Director, President's Office
Office Address: KH 125
Office Telephone: 419-995-8325
Email: woodward.c@rhodesstate.edu

Ms Jill Woodward
Title: Office Associate, Nursing, Health Sciences and Public Service
Office Address: CK 224
Office Telephone: 419-995-8275
Email: woodward.j@rhodesstate.edu

Ms April Worrell
Title: Assistant Controller, Business Office
Office Address: KH 249
Office Telephone: 419-995-8314
Email: worrell.a@rhodesstate.edu

Ms Kimberly Wright
Title: Coordinator-Instructor, Nursing, Health Sciences and Public Service
Office Address: BORRA CENTER
Office Telephone: 419-995-8217
Email: wright.k@rhodesstate.edu
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