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James A. Rhodes State College

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Ms Suzy Daley
Title: Testing Assistant, Testing Center
Office Address: TL 132
Office Telephone: 419-995-8476
Email: daley.s@rhodesstate.edu

Ms Ann DeAngelo
Title: Student Records Specialist, Student Records and Systems
Office Address: PS 120
Office Telephone: 419-995-8002
Email: deangelo.a@rhodesstate.edu

Ms Nicole Dittman
Title: Senior Director-Student Success, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Office Address: PS 140
Office Telephone: 419-995-8479
Email: dittman.n@rhodesstate.edu

Mr Zachary Donley
Title: Technical Administrator/Support Analyst, Information Technology Support
Office Address: BORRA
Office Telephone: 419-995-3027
Email: donley.za@rhodesstate.edu

Mr Doug Durliat
Title: Coordinator PTAC, Workforce Development and Community Programming
Office Address: JJC 179F
Office Telephone: 419-995-8353
Email: durliat.d@rhodesstate.edu

Dr Somnath Dutta
Title: Associate Professor, Chemistry, Health Sciences and Public Service
Office Address: SCI 260F
Office Telephone: 419-995-8867
Email: dutta.s@rhodesstate.edu

Ms Lori Dyer
Title: Program Manager, NSF-ATE, Agriculture Technology
Office Address: JJC 179L
Office Telephone: 419-995-8072
Email: dyer.l@rhodesstate.edu
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